Auto lensmeter HLM6038

Hans Heiss

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Digital display and touch screen lenemeter with automatic focusing working principle. Power adaptar is configurated to main device.


  • Measurement range:
    • Spherical power (spectacle lens)-25D~+25D
    • Cylindrical power -9.99D~+9.99
    • ADD power: -9.99D~+9.99D
    • Spherical power(contact lens): -20D~+20D
    • Axis: 0~180°
    • Prism basal angle: 0~360°, steps 1°
    • Prism power: 0~15△△ (horizontal/vertical direction)
  • Prism power representation: “P—B” and “UD/IO” represents two modes, (△、θ)represents “P—B” mode;(Base in/out,Base up/down)represent “UD/IO” mode
  • Applicable lenses: φ10mm~φ90mm diameter ; ≤20mm center thickness
  • Applicable frame leg length: 0~158mm
  • PD and PH measurement: PD=42mm ~82mm
  • Thermal line printer: (Width: 57mm)
  • Display: TFT color and touch LCD
  • Interface connectors: USB, RS232

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