Digital Lensmeter Hansheiss HLM-6048

Hans Heiss

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Using measurement of Hartmann theory, hundreds of measuring points makes the measurement easy and accurate.
Printer of two-dimension code
Integration printer, more convenient for replacing papers

Technical Parameters

Range of spherical degree -25m1 ~+ 25m 1
Range of cylindrical degree -9.99m'~ + 9.99m1
Range of under plus degree -9.99m1~ + 9.99m'1
Axis for astigmatism 0°~180°
Range of prism basal angle 0°~360°
Range of prism degree Horizontal directionl5A , Vertical direction20*
Measurable lens size O7~110mm
Measurable lens thickness <20mm
Measurable lens leg thickness 0~158mm
Measurable UV transmissivity yes
Measurable range of PD 30~100mm
Measurable range of PH 4~55mm
Power 220V 25VA
Power Adapter AC110-220V
Size 203mmX240mmX480mm

Tel 305-882-0120
Fax 305-882-0140