Hand-held DIGITAL Slit Lamp HSL2000D

Hans Heiss

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High luminance white LED for the first source of light. It is unnecessary of the troublesome lamp exchange and the life of the lamp became long.


  • High luminance white LED
  • Lightweight: 1.80kgs including battery
  • Lit Width is continuously variable
  • Compactness enables inspection before/after operation at the examinees beside
  • Operable in a wide range of applications from rounds in and outside hospital to screening of children and students
  • On/Off switch easy operated by top of finger
  • Battery drive – continuous operation is about 2 hours possible with a battery( in full charged state with maximum illumination)

Technical Specifications

Eyepiece 10X ---- Magnification 10X
Eyepiece 16X ---- Magnification 16X
Slit Width 0~ 10mm (Stepless adjustment is possible)
Slit Length 10mm
Diopter Compensation : ±7D
Diameter of Light: ¢1, ¢3, ¢5, ¢10mm
Pupil Distance: 48-70mm
Working Distance: 80mm
Filter: Heat absorption, Redfree, Cobalt blue.
Illumination Rotation: horizontal ±30°
 Power Supply: 7.2V 750MAH (Lithium battery)
Input Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz ; 220V/50Hz
Output Voltage: 8VA

It is used for observing and photographing for ocular anterior segment, including eyelid, conjunctiva, sclera, cornea, atria, iris, pupil, Lens, vitreous body.


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