Surgical Microscope HSM-630

Hans Heiss

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Portable Operation Microscope

for Ant./Posterior Surgery with Video


  • Thanks to the genuine Aspheric Lens, the Field of View is wide, while aberration reduced
  • With special designed Stereoscopic Inverter, the Field of View is neutralized
  • The Indirect Wide-angle Observation System is quite easy handling, One-Step swift from Anterior to Posterior
  • With Video Capture System, the real time surgery can be dispalyed and recorded.

Indirect Wide-angle Observation System

Integrated large screen display & Built in LED light source A



Microscope Magnification changer Zoom type
Objective F=165mm
Eyepieces 10x
Magnification 3.5x ~ 22.5x
Focusing stroke
057.1mm ~ 08.9mm
Interpupillary adjustment 55mm ~ 75mm
Diopter adjustment range ±5D
Illumination Light source LED Coaxial light source
Field of illumination 065mm
Illumination control Continuous adjustment
Arm, base Arm type Clamping type
Arm length 930mm
Balance arm Vertical moving range 500mm
Others Weight 15 kg
Power supply AC90V-264V 47HZ-440HZ
Output 100VA


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