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  • High Recolution 17-inch LCD
  • Wide Range of Popular Charts
  • Vector Optotypes and Charts
  • Optotypes Randomization
  • Contrast Sensitivity Testing & Contrast Charts Testing
  • Video & Audio Playing
  • Based On Stable Linux Platform
  • User-Friendly Remote Controller
  • Excellent CPU inside makes expanding further functions available

HVC901 advanced parameter setting experience

In order to be adaptable to various clinical conditions, HVC901 provides a user- friendly parameter setting, and all embedded software will redraw the iototypes and charts on base of set parameter.

  • Two languages, Chinese and English, are available currently
  • Working distance can be flexible adjusted according to user's needs.
  • Various visus units for different operator.
  • Red & Green value can be set real time according to the clinical condition.
  • Reversible optotypes and charts for mirrored room.
  • Size os image can be changed freely according to the working distance.
  • Screen Saver and Standby function are available
  • Gamma Calibration function brings the professional contrast sensitivity measurement.
  • Software upgrade provided for free during the lifetime of HVC901.

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