Portable digital retinal camera

Portable digital retinal camera

Hans Heiss

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  • Just load the software, plug the camera into your laptop or computer and you are ready to start taking photos
  • Easily store or email your photos
  • Documenting your findings is important!
  • Kit includes:
    • Digital ophthalmoscopic camera and case
    • Rechargeable battery handle
    • Software
    • Eyecup
    • Foot pedal
    • Corneal lens

>Complete Digital Fundus Camera

  • Internet Ready, Easy to Use
  • Portable, battery powered, weighs just 1 lb.
  • Easily carry to any exam room of office
  • Perfect for ER, hospital consults, satellite offices, missionary work, etc.
  • Don't tie up your exam room with a large, heavy and immobile fundus camera - Now every exam room can be a photo room
  • Nonmydriatic or mydriatic photos
  • Anterior and posterior segment photos



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