Today if you buy a Slit lamp HANS HEISS SL7DS,with the Slit Lamp Digital System HVS900 Hans Heiss , you get a ARGO TONOMETER FREE. Thank you for following us.Alex Gutman |CEO Mercoframes To order: P:312-962-1100

Slit Lamp Digital System HVS900 Hans Heiss ​1. High Resolution 5 Megapixels high definition image resolution produced by the 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor. All tiny subjects are shown clearly through the active imaging pixel array of 2,592 x 1,944. 2. Enhanced Auto Exposure Target area size for auto exposure can be changed easily via moving the mouse lightly. Just control target area freely, and enjoy your vision clearly. 3. Unique Snapshot Design Infrared snapshot button is the most stable wireless control solution. Located on the joystick, it realizes the perfect integrate with your slit lamp. You will not miss any image via special snapshot tone, and it can be turned on/off optionally. 4. Plug and Play USB Only one data line, no need any power cable, will realize data transmission easily via plug and play USB. Neither extra hardware nor complicated computer configuration is required. 5. Powerful Image Processing Multiple output file formats are available, such as RAW, PNG, BMP and JPG. All the images in BMP format can be edited for brightness, contrast, sharpness, zoom, etc. 6. Practical Software Management Simple design and intuitive interface allows easy operation. Professional patient information database supports centralized management. 7. Compact Size The most compact digital module(135mmX 74mm X48.5mm) makes it installed conveniently and operated easily.​ SL7DS TOWER STYLE LAMP WITH 3 MAG · Microscope: · Type: Galilean-Type · Configuration: Tower style · Magnification change: Three Position revolving Drum · Eyepieces: 12.5X · Angle between eyepieces: 13º · Total magnification Ratio: 10X, 16X, 25X · Pupillar adjustment: 52mm~78mm · Diopter adjustment: ±6D · Field of view: 25X (∅8.5mm), 16X (∅13.5mm), 10X (∅22mm) · Slit Illumination: · Slit width: Continuously variable from 0 to 14mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle) · Slit length: Continuously variable from 1mm to 14mm · Aperture diameters: ∅14mm,∅10mm,∅5mm,∅3mm,∅2mm,∅1mm,∅0.2mm · Slit angle: 0°-180° · Slit inclination 4 step: 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° · Filters: Thermal Safety, UV, Red-free, Cobalt Blue · Lamp: 6V/20W Halogen Lamp (OSRAM, Import from Germany) · Base: · Longitudinal movement: 90mm · Lateral movement: 100mm · Fine Base movement: 15mm · Vertical movement: 30mm · Chin-Rest: · Vertical movement 80mm · Fixation Target Red LED · Power: · Input voltage: 220V/110V~±10% · Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz · Power Consumption: 30VA (max) · Output Voltage: · Light: 6V · Fixation: 3V · Dimension & Weight: · Dimension 740mm x 450mm x 500mm · Gross weight: 25Kg · Net weight: 24Kg · Working Environment: · Temperature: +5℃~+40℃ · Relative humidity: ≤80% · Air pressure: 800hpa~1060hpa · Storing Environment: · Temperature: -40℃~+55℃ · Relative humidity: ≤93% · Air pressure: 700hpa~1060hpa · Transporting Environment: · Temperature: -40℃~+55℃ · Relative humidity: ≤93% · Air pressure: 700hpa~1060hpa · Accessories: Applanation Tonometer, Beam Splitter, DC Adaptor, DC, Video Camera Adaptor, Video Camera, BacLite Background Illumination Model, Teaching Tube, etc... Yellow Filter, Amber Filter, Polarized Filter and Measuring Eyepiece are available. · AAT 8101 TONOMETER The instrument is designed on the basis of Goldman tonometer. Both T type and R type are available. · When used with Slit Lamp, it can be used to examine the eyes and measure the ocular pressure. · Accurate measurement and total tolerance is less than 0.066Kpa(0.55Hg) · It gets the ocular pressure directly. · The measured ocular pressure is not affected by the eye´s hardness. The affected ocular volume is just 0.56 cubic millimeter. · Adjustable measuring ensures the long-term stability and reliability. · Measurement range: 0--10.64Kpa. · Light right displacement: 1.53x2=3.06mm. · Diameter of the testing head: 7mm. · Average error: 70Pa.

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