HANS HEISS, has two Phoropters-MANUAL and AUTOMATIC .( this one can be used on LANES and ALL IN ONE SYSTEMS) -(Made in Korea) HMR7005 Manual Phoropter Adjustment levels Convenient knobs, located in both sides, enable smooth and rapid adjustment. Level adjustment can be made easily, one-touch operation by using the leveling knob and level. Adjusting Sphere Power Readings/Cylinder Power and Axis Exact adjustment can be made from -19.00D to +16.75D in 0.25D steps. The sphere power rapid feed dial allows rapid eye examination per ¡¾3.00D. With accessory's lenses, it is possible to read up to ¡¾0.12D. Also the auxiliary lenses ¡¾10.00D (optional) are available to extend adjustment range up to -29.00D ~ +26.75D The cylinder lens graduated in 0.25D steps allows adjustment up to 0~ -6.00D and with the accessory lens - 2.00D, it is possible to extend adjustment range up to - 8.00D The cylinder axis can be adjusted up to 0¨¬~ 180¨¬ in 50 steps Each adjustment can be made rapidly with two knobs on the same axis. The cross cylinder loop rotates automatically through a special synchronized mechanism with the control knob, to change the cylinder lens axis. Corneal Aligning this is used to align the corneal vertex of the patient and set the patient¢¥s cornea in the correct position (at 12mm from the view tester lenses). Measurement should be made at the "0" position of the scale System Precise measurement is possible with the lens set at a suitable angle for near vision testing (by closing the convergence lever inward) as well as for distance (by opening it outward). This converges the optical system coincident to the convergence of the patient eye while the patient looks through the correct optical centers. Therefore, this unique system ensures perfect testing Near point scale and Chart The scale can be graduated in "Inches", "Centimeters" and "Diopters". It can be set at a distance you like to use and when it is not in use, it can be stored in a standing position. The Near Point Chart contains a rotatable disc with 12 kinds of tests on both sides. The scale is 67cm/26.4in length. Rotary Prism The readings can be taken accurately at 20∆ in 1∆ scale graduation. It has also a click stop that permits you to measure horizontal and vertical strabismus and heterophoria. Using both right and left prism. it is possible to take readings up to 40∆ and test eye balance Accessory Lenses Three types of spare lens are included: -2.00CYL, -0.12CYL and 0.0CYL Specifications Sphere power: range:+16.75 to -19.00 diopters; step: 0.25 diopters Cylinder power: range: 0.00 to -6.00 diopters (0.00 to -8.00 diopters with additional lens of -2.00 diopters); step: 0.25 diopters Cylinder axis: 0 to 180, 5 step Cross cylinder: 25 diopters Rotary prisms: 0 to 20, min. 1 step Auxiliary lens dial: (O)-Open aperture (two positions)(R)-Retinoscopic lens,+1.50D (P)-Polarizing lens 45mm- left eye 135mm- right eye (WMV)or(RMV)-Maddox rod. Vertical white-left eye red-right eye (WMH)or(RMH)-Maddox rod. horizontal white-left eye red-right eye (RL)-Red lens(1.12-10.12D sphere(PH)-Pin hole (10) or (6) -10 base-in-left eye, 6 base-up-right eye (dissociating prisms) (+/-0.50)+/-0.50 fixed cross cylinder(0C)-Occluder P.D. adjustment: 48-75mm, 1mm as a step Standard accessory lenses: two 12D and -2.00 cylinder lenses,two plane lenses for sealing front opening Standard accessories: 1 near point card with holder and reading rod,dust cover, face shield, accessory case for lenses Dimensions: 318 x 293 x 96 (mm); 11. Net weight: approx 5kg Digital Refractor HDR 8500 110V/220V Easy and Flexible PD Control Whatever the test mode is, AUTO VISION HDR 8500 is always able to have PD control and measurement during the test, with perfect establishment function adjustable freely Key Features Full data display with high-contrast LCD and great deal of information can displayed. Easy operation with electronic dial and colored key operation while looking at the patient is now possible. For the operator who likes the convenience of automated control with this software and also prefers operation of 1 dial controller. VD checking window, Pupil illumination Through the VD checking window, the operator can check the exact patient's eye position, so it is possible to do the excellent eye test. Cross-Cylinder Lens Rapid reversing cross cylinder lens can help the measurement easier. Accurate Rotary Prism Possible to check to maximum 20△ using 0.1△ unit. Near View Chart It is perfect and various chart system and is possible to rotate 180°(back and forth) / 360°(left and right) Printer(Auto Refractor) A speedy printing can analyze various measurement data easily. Simple Detachment of Forehead Rest and Face Shield It is very easy to detach the face shield and the forehead rest from HDR 8500 for cleaning. Linking Function with Chart Projector and Automatic lensmeter. Easy to . Only 10 minutes and you have a complete Lane.

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